Tears of Joy

Have you ever cried tears of joy

Knowing he wants you wholeheartedly not just your body as a toy

Time deploys this sentence of distance we were given

Changed my ways & sins forgiven

Trying to make this a better place for my kids to live in

It’s he who consoles me

Smiles are hugs that hold me

Exclamations excite me yet not to entice me

The rest lost like the Three Blind Mice

See how they run

See how they follow

Thinking it’s ok or cool to make money off a swallow

Brains hollow

Beg steal borrow

There is no certain blessing for the ‘morrow

Rise up and take a stand

Walking along God’s hand




Get me going…

Not a groupie or a stan

just a down to earth hip hop fan

take a stand hold my hand

while daytripping in foregin lands

walking thru white sands blue skies

Soaring sky high over the tides

a blessing with you by the side

taking days in stride

striving to do right

work towards the outer realms

while into it the souls dwell &

shed the outer shells of former selves


Had to let you know…


Thrilled to hear the news that you finally let her go
I want you to be happy
Thought I’d let you know
With me it’s not only physical all enveloping
Love it when you open up and share
I’ll always be here to listen & care
Spiritual, emotional, mental affair
No doubt I’ll treat you well
Stay next to this Queen, one day you could be my King
Over the fakes & lames we’ll reign
You find just the right moments to come
in and out of my life
Maybe this time you won’t go
Just had to let you know
All I need is one man to give my all
One who is worthy, deserving, understanding
that sees me for more than just my assets
Don’t know why they can’t get passed it,
too immature to know the realest when they see it
I’m only made for the grown
Can you take this Queen at her throne?



Trying to quench this burning desire
Everytime theres no light to my fire
Words transpire bodies perspire
entertwined in the moment
She calls out wait dont go yet
I wasn’t finished
The sight of it caused his drive to diminish
Unsatisfied with him by my side
No where to hide
Will it happen again if we try?
Don’t want to be left again unsatisfied…