Wake Up America!

What you need is me
an Authentic Lyricist:
mixtape coming soon
These bitches should Bewitched
and get her broom
Like the elephant its all eyes on me when i walk thru the room
Petty bitches whispering thru the shrooms
I’m the key to unleash ya from this tomb King Tut
Wake up from the nonsense they feeding you
Open ur eyes to the 1 percent draining you
Lewinsky staining on you
Cerebral pain at their constant gain “seasons change still things stay the same”


A lil freestyle… 2.18.2011

On my way to be a Doctor of a Diction,
how I live isn’t fiction step up if you feel this,
got lyrics & rhymes galore
don’t confuse me with ya neighborhood whore,
much more to me than a sexy body and pretty face have your jaw drop once I step in the place
with ya tongue out as I hit the floor
when I’m gone you gonna beg for more
follow me to see what’s in store