Can’t Deny

It feels so good
when someone new
is moved by my words
Like a kiss from his lips
Already our souls & minds
Just not yet our bodies intertwined
Talking to him time rewinds
He gives me that ‘ahhhhh’ feeling
without his hand on my ‘mmmm’
Gives me that rush , cheeks blush
Hey lover this is more than a crush
What we have isn’t lust
Waiting to feel his hands caress
every inch of my skin
Let his pleasure seep in
All natural, unabridged
Like the melodious harmony with the rising sun
Each fingertip capturing anticipation
His verbal penetrations in Nostalgia
gives me serious wordgasms
And I bust over our lyrical reciprocation
His bars had me caught up
Wanting to have those strong tatted arms embrace me and slide those hands around my waist see
Just wanting a taste…
A taste of that genius brain
That elaborate treasured space
The connection of synapses
between yours and mine
Gets me ready everytime
Ready for that warm breath on my neck
Kiss on my cheek
Leaving me like SWV
Weak in the knees
I can hardly speak



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