My St.Valentine’s Day Philosophy

Some may think I’m crazy or a bitch because of my attitude towards this day.


Show me love daily…

I am 1 in a million, not like anyone else and DO NOT want what millions of others are getting today!

I would rather get flowers on a random day just because & not today (besides its cheaper lol)

I believe in the saying, ” It’s the thought that counts”

I just find the “traditional” gifts in the stores are played out, I got stuffed bears and puppy dogs when I was a kid.

Be creative and think outside the box!!!

Now I’m not saying that I wouldn’t like to receive a gift; just not something from the store & mos def not last-minute street corner, you know like those big cellophane wrapped blobs with everything trapped inside.

Excuse me if my originality and creativeness differ from society’s norm, what “they” say one should give or be given for this day.

I am single but held this same view even when I was married and he didn’t listen to what I was saying.

In the words of Heavy D ” I got nothing but love for you”

Enjoy the day whether you feel it or not!


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