Nervous + Excited = Aflutter

Minds aflutter thinking of the moment our eyes meet

Willing to rise past the defeat

Deceit is not in my vocabulary

Take a seat feel the heat

Can ya hear my heartbeat?

Ya didn’t see me I slid in discrete

Making ’em pause & drop jaws

When I walk thru these streets

Why is it so hard to find the real?

Authentic Hip Hop is alive not selling for a deal 

Fed up with simpletons that just wanna fuck

Your times up fool go press ya luck

Too scared to get stuck in this seductive gaze

Climb past that platau of haze

Thinking real women want to be treated the same

As the rest of these dumb ass bitches selling they ass for the “Fame”

Like Homey  “I don’t play that”

Puttin’ real flava back on the map

Don’t let these light eyes delude

My grammar construe you

Listen to the words

Find the intrinsic

Handle your business


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