Election day, the people have spoken


Just heard Gov. Swartzschenegr sent a celebratory “tweet” to Gov. elect Jerry Brown. A tweet how informal & rude. Meg Whitman will not concede as of yet, she must feel stupid for wasting $150 million of her own money. Like Nelson from The Simpson says, “Ha ha”

I knew it and now its true. No on Prop.19!

Regulate, Tax and Control- give me a break, do I have stupid written on my head.
The government does enough regulating, taxing and controlling of us as it is and I refuse to give them anymore.

Now, I say make alcohol illegal and the drunks will lose it. Millions of lives and dollars could possibly be saved.

Tax alcohol like cigarettes. If you want it then you have to pay.

Too many people lose their lives to alcohol daily, from all aspects from drunk drivers to liver cancer. Look how many regular run of the mill citizens make that mistake and end up murders.

It’s a tragedy that 2 substances that cause so much harm, death, destruction and despair can still be called legal and its okay. Oh but if one wants to medicate with a little bit of marijuana everyone goes in a frenzy, such hypocrisy.

Your vote, your voice make it heard.

Stand up and have your say or sit down and deal.

Note to self: Remember to email newly Gov. elect about my brilliant idea.

To learn more visit


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