For My Hero

My Grandfather was honored in his hometown of Corpus Christi, Tx. This was a meaningful tribute to our Family’s rock. Tata will always be remembered for his humor, hard work and smile.

Can’t Deny

It feels so good
when someone new
is moved by my words
Like a kiss from his lips
Already our souls & minds
Just not yet our bodies intertwined
Talking to him time rewinds
He gives me that ‘ahhhhh’ feeling
without his hand on my ‘mmmm’
Gives me that rush , cheeks blush
Hey lover this is more than a crush
What we have isn’t lust
Waiting to feel his hands caress
every inch of my skin
Let his pleasure seep in
All natural, unabridged
Like the melodious harmony with the rising sun
Each fingertip capturing anticipation
His verbal penetrations gives me serious wordgasms
And I bust over our lyrical reciprocation
His bars had me caught up
Wanting to have those strong tatted arms to embrace me                                                              Slide those hands around my waist see
Just wanting a taste…
A taste of that genius brain
That elaborate treasured space
The connection of synapses
between yours and mine
Gets me ready everytime
Ready for that warm breath on my neck
Kiss on my cheek
Leaving me like SWV
Weak in the knees
I can hardly speak


Tears of Joy

Have you ever cried tears of joy

Knowing he wants you wholeheartedly not just your body as a toy

Time deploys this sentence of distance we were given

Changed my ways & sins forgiven

Trying to make this a better place for my kids to live in

It’s he who consoles me

Smiles are hugs that hold me

Exclamations excite me yet not to entice me

The rest lost like the Three Blind Mice

See how they run

See how they follow

Thinking it’s ok or cool to make money off a swallow

Brains hollow

Beg steal borrow

There is no certain blessing for the ‘morrow

Rise up and take a stand

Walking along God’s hand



Thank you Katy Perry…

Damn right I’m a firework

Showing ya what I’m worth

So much more than they thought sentimental

Status Presidential

Not confrontational

Throw down if need be like Ali pound for pound

Wanna go another round

Aiming high got my feet off the ground

As you can see lyrically sound

Style profound

Striving to be world renowned

Taking the crown

Athena the Goddess I’ll reign supreme

Praising a Higher being thank you for the gift of foresight

Won’t be selling for the limelight

You look back… Hind sight

Get ya mind right


Wake Up America!

What you need is me
an Authentic Lyricist:
mixtape coming soon
These bitches should Bewitched
and get her broom
Like the elephant its all eyes on me when i walk thru the room
Petty bitches whispering thru the shrooms
I’m the key to unleash ya from this tomb King Tut
Wake up from the nonsense they feeding you
Open ur eyes to the 1 percent draining you
Lewinsky staining on you
Cerebral pain at their constant gain “seasons change still things stay the same”

My St.Valentine’s Day Philosophy

Some may think I’m crazy or a bitch because of my attitude towards this day.


Show me love daily…

I am 1 in a million, not like anyone else and DO NOT want what millions of others are getting today!

I would rather get flowers on a random day just because & not today (besides its cheaper lol)

I believe in the saying, ” It’s the thought that counts”

I just find the “traditional” gifts in the stores are played out, I got stuffed bears and puppy dogs when I was a kid.

Be creative and think outside the box!!!

Now I’m not saying that I wouldn’t like to receive a gift; just not something from the store & mos def not last-minute street corner, you know like those big cellophane wrapped blobs with everything trapped inside.

Excuse me if my originality and creativeness differ from society’s norm, what “they” say one should give or be given for this day.

I am single but held this same view even when I was married and he didn’t listen to what I was saying.

In the words of Heavy D ” I got nothing but love for you”

Enjoy the day whether you feel it or not!